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As the twenty-first century quickly approaches, the Internet continues its amazing growth and is quickly securing a dominant presence in everyday life. A wealth of information and services unparalleled in history are now at the fingertips of everyone with access to the Internet. Businesses, governments and individuals are rushing to secure their own position on the “Information Superhighway.”

People who exceed deposit limits constitute a group of bettors who are willing to place larger bets than people who do not exceed deposit limits; yet, they appear to do this in a manner that keeps their percentage of losses lower than others in the sample. Although the percentage of losses might be more favorable among people who exceed limits, compared to people who do not exceed limits, their net loss still is significantly higher. Because these bettors place very large bets they are at high risk for losing very large amounts of money. Digital certificates and filtering are two possible approaches for limiting access to Internet gaming sites by American bettors. Instead of attempting to punish bettors or operators, which is costly, difficult and ultimately ineffective, policy makers can institute a more successful constraint by removing access to those sites by U.S. citizens. Not only does this achieve the regulatory goal in an efficacious manner, it respects the rights of foreign nationals to conduct activities which are perfectly legal in their own jurisdictions.

Because of the threat of criminal liability in the United States, most gambling site operators have located outside of the U.S. and some have changed their citizenship. 61 As a result, any attempts to regulate Net gaming will be limited by extraterritorial jurisdiction and principles of national sovereignty, since the foreign nations where the sites are located have either licensed the sites or operate them directly. 62 In these situations, application of American law would directly conflict with those of the nations where the gambling operations are legal.

146As such, citizens that are prohibited from gambling online could simply seek out those that do not conform to the screening models. Businesses will have incentives to elude such regulation, since there will be less competition for American bettors and others that would be denied access, which may bring increased profits to those owners who will provide access to those customers. By assisting voluntary organizations in developing technological tools to screen for citizenship, governments could indirectly prevent access to those gaming sites. Although site owners could request a FAXed copy of a driver’s license or some other identification, this is both burdensome and unreliable. Thus, code could be used to develop screening software that would require digital certificates from reputable CA’s, which the site owners could employ on their web pages. Similarly, it may be possible to develop a centralized system similar to an adult verification service, which could be controlled by a trade association such as the IGC and with links made available to site owners.

Obviously, if the ISP had the duty to screen all material which flowed through its network lest it suffer statutory penalties, it would find this impossible and might rationally decide that the cost is not worth the burden and shut down its service. 227 Therefore, the burden for policing the Internet should be shifted to the government, along with voluntary assistance from other organizations (such as anti-gambling groups or state attorney generals). Besides their less than complete filtering capability, the software imposes additional burdens upon parents who seek to employ this form of child protection.

The outcome of each game is generated instantly by means of certified random numbers generators , which means that internet-casino games are more fast-paced than their traditional counterparts. Some platforms also offer live dealer games, which are played using traditional casino equipment and real croupiers. Unless you live on the Vegas Strip, gambling online is usually more convenient and cost-effective than traveling. Not that there’s anything wrong with traveling to a casino, especially when you want to do more than gamble . But if you want to be able to play slots on your phone or bet on your favorite sports team, online gambling is the only way to go.

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